Companion in Magic: the Gathering | Visualizing how it works

Ikoria: lair.. is the first (and hoepfully) last durting CV and – despite no live game has been possible, first online test have already granted that Companion is a busted mechanic, that wcoul have a huge impact on the way MTG is played.

new project of interactive examplingn rules and mechanics and synergies. let me have your feedback or ideas.. it’s for the community

each one a legendary creature whose companion ability lists a deck-building rule.
up to one chosen companion for each game
That chosen companion doesn’t start in your main deck. Rather, it’s a card in your sideboard. (If you’re playing casually without sideboards, it’s just in your collection outside the game. All the same rules apply to it.) This means it doesn’t count as a card toward meeting the minimum deck size in the format you’re playing, but in Constructed formats, it is one of your fifteen sideboard cards. Just before the game begins, reveal your chosen companion to all players. Once during the game, you may cast your chosen companion from your sideboard. Doing so follows all the normal rules for casting a creature spell, so do so only during your main phase.

The spell will go on the stack. If it resolves, it will enter the battlefield under your control (yay!). If it’s countered, it will go to your graveyard (boo!). Once it’s in the game, it can be exiled, go back to your hand, be shuffled into your library, etc. It won’t return to your sideboard until the game ends.
Your companion’s deckbuilding rule applies only to your starting deck, which is the deck you begin play with each game. It won’t consider any cards in your sideboard, so those cards don’t have to follow the deck-building rule. Additionally, you can just ignore the deck-building rule and include creature cards with companion in your main deck.
ch Commander deck may include a chosen companion. It starts outside the game and doesn’t count as one of your 100 cards. Just like the rest of your deck, your commander must follow the deck-building rule if you’re going to use a companion.



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NExt topic: mutate

I am a big fan of improvement and also aware that part of the community is not happy ith changing status quo (there’s lands came for pokemon, mutate seems Yugi, odd/even is heartstone). Now I believe that all pog these other games have good ideas. Magic has been the first, all of these took many ideas from MTG and develop other. Being first made following games easier to develop and find new paths, this does not make a mechanic ie comapnion exclusive to one game. MTG could have this idea since years just waited to develop.. so stop bothering others and making comparison. If you like MTG enjoy new horizons, if you already played other games take advantage of already having prospect about how a mechanic could be used.. world is advancing, so should we.