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  • How do you realize it?


  • What software do you use?

    No online tools such as or Piktochart. What you see is created from nothing every single time using mainly Adobe Illustrator (vector graphic software) with a little help from Adobe Photoshop and, obviously, a ton of data analysis trhough Microsoft Excel!

  • Can I use your infographics?

    I'm totally ok with sharing my works as long as the author (me) and , if existing, the website that is hosting the infographic is named. Just write me and I'll be happy to provide you higher resolution for your needs, just remember to give me some feedback then!

  • Are you available for cooperation?

    Of course. I love what I do and I'd love more to create relationships and meet brilliant people thanks to it. Actually I create Magic related infographics for - the best Magic financial website - and - the main website for the italian Magic community. If you need some professional and not-Magic related service you can contact me @ OWL2, my italian graphic agency!